Cody Baglow, Westfield State Men's Soccer

Cody Baglow, Westfield State Men's Soccer

When you grow up in a big family, there is a sense of closeness, love and support that is felt throughout it. For Cody Baglow of Westfield State men's soccer, those same feelings are ones he has experience during his collegiate athletic experience.

The senior from Amherst, MA is in his final year with Westfield State and will graduate in May with a bachelors in movement science with a concentration in exercise science. It was the combination of the size and access to his desire major that drew him to the campus that is only 30 miles away from home. 

Along with his usual academic and athletic schedule, Baglow is involved with the Westfield State Student-Athlete Advisory Committee as the Vice President as well as serving as the MASCAC SAAC President. He is also a part of the Exercise Science Club and mentors high schoolers in Springfield with Young Life.

After college, he is hoping to find himself back in higher education as a strength and conditioning coach. As a student, he got a taste for working in the industry. His class designed a study looking at Westfield State Students and how they compared to the rest of the work in terms of a sedentary lifestyle and inactivity. They found that the overall majority of students were exceeded the recommended guidelines for physical activity by ASCM standards. This year he is working with the football team to hopefully conduct a study examining the effects of elastic bands on back squat strength.

If Baglow had to pick his favorite thing from being a member of a Division III men's soccer team, it would have to be learning to always have a cheerfully attitude and give everyone a smile. His philosophy is that you never know who you can impact by being friendly and how you can brighten up there day. 

Having his family for his support system has been a comfort through college for Baglow. Now as he prepares for graduation in a few months, he can not only turn to his biological family for support, but his Westfield State family too.